The heart of PHDays is the mockup of the virtual State F
At the round table "Ensuring technological independence," government officials and manufacturers discussed issues of import substitution
Among the PHDay guests—Maria Zakharova, Director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
130,000+ viewers followed the forum online; 10,000 visited in person
>100 reports, sections, and round tables. The key forum topic is the dawn of the INdependence era
Artemy Lebedev at PHDays
Hacker's corner: attackers try to take possession of infrastructure in the virtual state
The Standoff defenders counter hacker attacks in real time
"Tectonic shift in Russian cybersecurity" session with Vladimir Bengin, Sergey Korelov, Vladimir Dryukov, and Sergey Lebed
PHDays guests
Investment track speakers: Maxim Pustovoy, Anton Malkov, Dmitry Novichkov, Alina Sycheva, Vladimir Sakovich, Evgeny Kogan
Vladimir Nazarov demonstrates the visualization mockup for The Standoff cyberbattle
Vladimir Bengin, Head of the Cybersecurity Department of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media, representative of the National Computer Incident Response and Coordination Center of the Russian Federal Security Service
PHDays guests
PHDays guests
>100 guests visited Vladimir Zapolyansky's on-air studio during the three-day event
Visualization of an attack on an oil company
"Communication exercises" session
Stand of the forum co-organizer Innostage Group
IDS Bypass participants try to find vulnerabilities in services (with a cash prize)
Ilya Massukh, Ekaterina Solntseva, Alexey Sidoryuk, and Ivan Berov took part in the "Cybersecurity in digital transformation" discussion
Presentation of awards to The Standoff winners
Cup for the best attackers in the hands of the Codeby team
One of the key forum topics is the investment potential of Russian cybersecurity
PHDays branded merch store
Traditional hacker contests: ATMs and cash registers await hackers
"Challenges for cybersecurity conferences" round table
The venue of PHDays 11, WTC Moscow
PHDays organizers and speakers: Kirill Shipulin, Timur Yunusov, Alexandra Murzina, Alexey Babin, Maxim Stanchin, Georgy Zaitsev
Forum guests working (or relaxing)
Hackers participate in the 2drunk2hack contest
PHDays partners
Jury of the Positive Wave music festival: Konstantin Sidorkov and Igor Klimov
Positive Wave participants: SIAM Group (Alfa-Bank)
Presentation of award to Positive Wave winners: the group The Serious Men (SIBUR Digital)


PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10
PHDays 10


PHDays 9 visitors
A DeLorean
Visitors could test their skills hacking a Tesla car
One of the tasks in the new Cyberquest: getting through a laser maze
Contest of kids' drawings about information security
The Standoff: city model
The infrastructure of the mock city included office buildings, an electrical plant with substation, oil terminal, petrochemical plant, railroad, and banks
The model's size is about 17 square meters (183 square feet)
The Standoff in full swing
The Standoff includes attackers, defenders, and SOC teams
True0xA3 team (the winning attacker team)
Jet Security Team (the winning defender team)
bitapps team (participants in the developer hackathon)
Beatbox performance by Alina Minnullina at the opening of the Tech & Society section dedicated to critical thinking
Critical thinking depicted in a painting created on stage
Tech & Society moderator Vladimir Zapolyansky, Marketing Director at Positive Technologies
Dmitry Alexeev, Head of Microbiome Research at Atlas Biomed (United Kingdom), explaining why it's so important to know yourself and how bacteria fit into this picture
Business angel Dmitry Kostomarov telling the story of his failure
Eduard Maas explaining how to sort through conflicting information in the age of fake news
Discussion on "Safe transformation to an unsafe digital life." Left to right: Boris Simis (Positive Technologies), Garald Bandurin (Russian Railways, Main Computing Center), Alexander Baranov (Higher School of Economics), and Igor Lyapunov (Rostelecom)
"Do we need to change the paradigm of information security" section. Pictured: moderator Sergey Rysin, speakers Konstantin Zdiruk, Vitaly Terentiev, Dmitry Pudov, Dmitry Manannikov, and Rustem Khairetdinov
"Future bank: revolution or evolution?" section: moderator Oleg Sedov, speakers Sergey Pazizin, Dmitry Gadar, Andrey Dumansky, Alexey Kachalin, Nikolay Klendar, and Roman Kobtsev
"Can we change security processes in ICS?" section. Left to right: Dmitry Darensky, Alexey Martyntsev, Andrey Nemudrov, Vladimir Karantaev, Vitaly Sokolov, Dmitry Ponomarev, and Andrey Kulpin
"Operation of FSTEC's Data Bank of Information Security Threats" section with Vitaly Lyutikov (FSTEC of Russia)
Karsten Nohl, GSM security researcher and featured speaker at PHDays 9
Muslim Koser speaking on "Hunting threats in the darknet" in the thrEat reSearch Camp
Nikhil Mittal speaking on "Breaking Microsoft Edge extensions security policies"
Fuzzing 101 workshop moderators Dhiraj Mishra and Zubin Devnani
Nikhil Joshi with his technical talk "GDALR: an efficient model duplication attack on black-box machine learning models"
Sheila Ayelen Berta talking about new ways of gaining persistence in Windows
Oleg Kovpak explaining attacks on biometric systems
Sergey Gordeychik talking about "AI as commodity and a bit of security"
"Quest for ESCurity: The Handoff": Munchkin tournament at the PT Expert Security Center stand
Tomoaki Tani sharing a new method of analyzing Active Directory event logs
2drunk2hack, the traditional wrapping-up contest
Vladislav Kopp (MDS) reading from "Person (Status Quo) ", a futuristic novella by Yan Khachaturov
Positive Watch IT Night showing of short films
The Standoff Kids with child-oriented content at PHDays
Participants of Positive Wave, an annual music festival for groups from the IT industry
Sergey Bobunets, front man of a famous Russian band and head of the Positive Wave jury
Sergey Bobunets and his band in concert


Fizpribor stand
Special guest Steven Seagal at PHDays 8
Presentation on the PT ISIM cybersecurity incident management system
PHDays 8 participants
Sergey Gordeychik, Director of the Programming Committee, and Boris Simis, Executive Vice President for Business Development at Positive Technologies, at the forum opening (from right to left)
Positive Technologies experts Vladimir Nazarov and Timur Yunusov
Jury for Positive Hard Days, in which IT workers by day became rock stars by night
Positive Hard Days awards ceremony
Awards ceremony for the EtherHack online contest
PHDays 8 participant
Model railway
The Standoff: city miniature
Congress Hall
PHDays 8 theme: "Digital Bet"
Over two days, approximately 5,200 people visited
ARinteg stand
Mr. Robot bringing cheer to PHDays 8 guests
2drunk2hack participants


A minute to start PHDays
Near reality
Plenary session "Information security today: the splendor and misery of corporate security"
Ilya Sachkov (Group-IB) and Kirill Kertsenbaum (Kaspersky Lab)
Participants of "IoT (in)security"
Critical infrastructure of The Standoff
Sharpening hacker skills at Hardware Village
Victoria Alexeeva, PHDays Director
5,000+ participants this year
Anto Joseph and Clarence Chio
Patrick Wardle
Alexey Lukatsky moderating the session "IoT (in)security"
Dmitry Manannikov brought up the problem of security evolution
HackBattle championship
The contest "Automotive Village: CarPWN"
The Standoff participants


Participants of PHDays CityF: The Standoff
The section Face to Face: the Arbiters of Security
Python + Django are hacker’s best friends
The section Why We Hack: The Truth
Paul Vixie speaking about DNS as a Defense Vector
BMS & SmartHouse Attack
The contest EAST 4 SCADA
The section Another Round of the Standoff: IS Services as a Response to New Threats and Challenges
Jeff Katz while speaking about Privacy and Security in the Internet of Things
Babak Javadi during his talk Janitor to CISO in 360 Seconds: Exploiting Mechanical Privilege Escalation
The hacker teams yet cannot outplay the defenders
The second day starts with the drone hijacking
The flooded city and the Horsemen of the Apocalypse riding bean bags
The section Experts Don’t Need No Education. Information Security and Other Pseudosciences
Alexey Lukatsky rounds up leading SIEM vendors
2drunk2hack — icing on the cake
Trying to hack web apps protected by WAF
Mikhail Levin awarding the defenders of PHDays CityF: The Standoff
The hacker teams of PHDays CityF: The standoff


John Bambenek on cyberthreat detection
The session “Today’s Russia in Unfriendly Cyberworld”
Only female hackers in the Korean CTF team
DJ Andrey Addison at PHDays V
A report on supercomputer file system by Felix Wilhelm and Florian Grunow
Alexander Gostev and Vitaly Kamluk with a research on government spyware
Whitfield Diffie, Advisor of Almaz Capital
The MDS band reading the best stories of the Hacked Future contest
“Social Engineering for Fun and Profit” by Chris Hadnagy
It’s not easy to find a master key to handcuffs
A developer from SMTDP Tech gets a $1,5 million grant from Almaz Capital
The MiTM Mobile contest’s stand
The Choo Choo Pwn contest’s stand
CTF virtual currency
Andrey Masalovich: Zero Shades of Grey
The forum’s attendees root for 2drunk2hack participants
Digital Substation Takeover winners
Vlad Raskov receives a reward after winning the contest
Best hackers together on one stage


Critical Infrastructure Attack or How to Hack a Whole City
The second day of PHDays IV CTF begins
The round table “State and Cybersecurity”
What will happen if the signal lights and boom barrier stop working?
Impressioning attacks by Toool
Trying to hack the QIWI terminal
Dragon Sector, the winners of CTF
The MacBook Air survives and goes to the winner of the contest Huck Me
The winners of Survive Hacking
Kirill Kertsenbaum discussing MDM, BYOD etc.
Robert Griffin about attack prevention
Fabricating keys
Critical Infrastructure Security
Tom Van Goethem telling about vulnerabilities in WordPress
The second day of PHDays IV CTF
The Leave ATM Alone contest
William Hagestad II: comparing Iranian, Chinese and North Korean hacking worlds
Andrey Masalovich presenting his report on competitive intelligence
2drunk2hack: hackers should be able to overcome any difficulties


Forum’s participants
Boris Simis tells about real security
Vladimir Zhirinovsky at PHDays
Choo Choo Pwn
Sergey Gordeychik, PHDays architect
Olga Kochetova’s lab
Aestetix speaking
Round table ‘The Role of the Young of Today on the Information Security Market of Russia’
Nick Galbreath speaking
Travis Goodspeed’s talk
Andrey Masalovich presenting
Choo Choo Pwn
Olga Kochetova preparing the ATM before the lab
SDLC’s panel discussion ‘Is SDLC a Whim, a Vagary of Fashion, or Regulatory Bodies' Requirement?’


Press Conference
Bruce Schneier' Speech
Datuk Mohd Noor Amin'Speech
Jerry Gamblin's Speech
Marcus Niemietz's Speech
Thibault Koechiln's Speech
Sergey Gordeychik's speech
Alexey Lukatsky' Speech
Miroslav Stampar's Speech
PHDays Guests
Hands-on-Lab on Remote Banking Security
CTF. BIOS, India
CTF. FluxFingers, Germany
PPP 's Dumpster-Diving
Bruce Schneier
Too Drunk to Hack
CTF Silver medalists - 0daysober, Switzerland
CTF Awards
Underwood Performance


The weather set a positive mood even before the event began.
The first steps into the Molodaya Gvardiya club made it clear for the attendees: it was the right place.
The rush hour was pretty tough for everyone. The organizers promised to take it into consideration :)
The members of the PPP team, USA, still unaware of their upcoming victory at the PHD CTF 2011…
or 8 hours, the PHD CTF 2011 playground turned into a field of an intensive struggle.
The contestants of the PHD CTF 2011 were overwhelmed with emotions, but there was no single second to get distracted.
The hacker contest was the center of everyone's attention.
A few screens displayed each step of the CTF contestants in the real-time mode.
The organizers promised to enlarge the font size on the scoreboard next time :)
There was no single minute when the playground was empty.
Non-contestants were truly engrossed with the competitions.
The laptop was successfully hacked and awarded to the winner as promised.
The business program was carried out in five sections at the same time.
The mood of the seminars fluctuated from informal…
...up to formal and quite serious
The end of the day saw the funniest Too Drunk to Hack contest for all comers.
To mark the end of the forum, the attendees cut and ate a cake adorned with the logotype of the event…
….and enjoyed a hilarious and positive performance of a popular Russian band Neschastny Sluchai (The Accident).