Information about 4SICS 2014

4SICS 2014 is the inaugural version of the Stockholm international summit on cyber-security in SCADA and Industrial Control Systems. The summit give you a great opportunity to listen to international top-speakers in the field and meet the most experienced stakeholders. It will be a single-track two-day summit with generous time slots both for the presentations as well as for interaction and networking. The summit will offer two days full of opportunities to increase your knowledge not only on todays ICS/SCADA security but also give you practical advices on how to manage them. Moreover, will 4SICS attendees have an opportunity to participate and play KIPS – the Kaspersky Industrial Protection Simulation.

International speakers from all over europe, including two Russian speakers, will participate. The keynote speakers include Stefan Lüders, head of incident respons and IT security at CERN high energy physics lab and Joel Langill, well known by his Internet meme "SCADAHacker" as well as an author of several books on ICS security.

Since this summit is geared towards an international SCADA/ICS security community, however with a Scandinavian touch, all presentations and official communications will be in English.

Before the two day summit, tutorials in various areas will be given by instructors. Combo tickets, that also include tutorial attendee, is available.

To have an intimate and enjoyable atmosphere, attendee size are scaled down to hold only 150 people, as a maximum. The summit also contain a small exhibition, in which there will be interesting security solutions on display. A special slot in the exhibition is dedicated to start-up companies working with brand new products and services for cybersecurity, ICS and SCADA security. For more information, including speaker bios and agenda, please visit Practical issues such as travel arrangement, hotels, etc are described on the website as well.

For more information, questions or comments, please contact the summit organisers at

See you in Stockholm!