Information about Fortis

Fortis Distribution (est. 2019) is a value-added distributor of next-generation technologies, professional solutions, and services in the field of information security, infrastructure and cloud technologies. Fortis is an international company with products distributed in Eastern Europe, CIS, and Asia.

Fortis portfolio focuses on advanced technologies, includes cybersecurity and infrastructure solutions, like: Positive Technologies, Check Point, R-Vision, ESET, UserGate, AirLock, NeuraLegion (BrightSec), Algosec, Veracode, xSecuritas, TrapX, Cymulate, Waterfall, SIGA, Reflectiz, SUSE, Tionix, ITFB Group, Infoland, Pure Storage, DataCore, SEP, Scality. Fortis Team has more than 15 years of hands-on experience in distribution channel building, information security solutions and professional services, complex logistics and financial services.

Fortis mission is to lead the market with unique best-in-class solutions and next generation technologies and act as a valuable business partner for professional and business community in the VAD (value-added distributor) format with full scope of supportive expertise for business development and sales across a variety of business models.

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