Information about InfoWatch Group of Companies

InfoWatch is a leading Russian developer of information security solutions. We develop solutions to reduce information security risks, protect and analyze corporate data, and ensure the cybersecurity of automated process control systems.

  • On the information security market since 2003
  • Licenses and certificates of the FSTEC of Russia, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the FSB
  • 3000+ projects from 20 industries in 20 countries
  • Data protection from leaks

    InfoWatch Traffic Monitor is a new generation Russian DLP system that prevents leaks of confidential information using AI technologies. The system provides high accuracy of data detection, updates security policies in automated mode, accelerates incident investigations by 3–4 times, and helps predict information security risks.

    InfoWatch Data Explorer is a tool for automated analysis of the information field and categorization of documents. The technology allows you to examine all company documents, break them into topics and, based on the resulting categories, configure or update the security policies.

    InfoWatch Vision is a tool for visual analysis of data collected by the InfoWatch Traffic Monitor DLP system, which allows you to see the routes of information distribution in the company and identify hidden connections and implicit dependencies.

    InfoWatch Prediction is a tool for predictive analysis of data collected by the InfoWatch Traffic Monitor DLP system, which allows you to identify patterns of potentially dangerous employee behavior based on machine learning technologies and identify risk groups.

    InfoWatch Activity Monitor is a system for monitoring staff activity. It collects maximum data on employee actions in the workplace.

    Protection of industrial enterprises from cyberattacks

    InfoWatch ARMA is a unified information security system for automated process control systems at industrial enterprises. It allows you to build layered protection of information from modern cyberthreats and perform up to 90 percent of the technical measures of Order No. 239 of the FSTEC of Russia. The system includes a certified industrial firewall of a new generation with an intrusion detection system (InfoWatch ARMA Industrial Firewall), a means of protecting workstations and automated control system servers (InfoWatch ARMA Industrial Endpoint), and a single control center for the InfoWatch ARMA Management Console protection system.