Information about Innostage

Innostage Group of companies is a Russian IT company, cybersecurity expert.

СyberART, the professional operator of cybersecurity services, operates on the basis of Innоstage and provides full range of cybersecurity services:

  • audit and consulting in the computer security field;
  • computer security monitoring and response to attacks and incidents;
  • provision of information security tools.

CyberART team includes certified experts in computer security such as SIEM, WAF, DBF, NTA/NAD, EDR, IRP/SOAR, penetration testing and information security management.

Innostage creates integrated cybersecurity projects for enterprises of key sectors of the economy and government organizations, also provides information security and system integration services, services in information systems development and business solutions.

Intellectual asset of the Group of companies is its own laboratory for big data analysis that allows to organize the work in data collection, storing and processing for tasks of any level of complexity in various sectors of the economy and general government, including situation center.

Innostage is headquartered in Kazan. The company has its regional offices in Moscow, Krasnodar and Innopolis.

Innostage supports racing in Russia and is a sponsor of the «AG Team» motorsport team, one of the leaders of The Russian Circuit Racing Series (RSKG).