Information about Atom Security (StaffCop)

Atom Security LLC is a Russian developer of software solutions in the field of information security and control of personnel actions. For more than 10 years we have been developing software solutions for increasing efficiency of commercial and governmental organizations by solving the following tasks:

  • Monitoring of information flows: how information circulates within the company and who sends it outside.
  • Decreasing of risks of data leakage: control of communication channels.
  • Monitoring of workplaces: inventory of workplaces with tracking of changes, monitoring of usage.
  • Ensuring high-level of staff efficiency: working time tracking, blocking of access to entertainment resources, etc.
  • Detailed analysis of system events: with the help of widgets, relation of events and high speed of data processing.

The company’s product is StaffCop Enterprise, a bundled software solution designed to control user activity, information flows and system events. The main functional abilities of the software package are:

  • Tracking of all file operations: removal, modifying, moving, remote indexation at a workstation; blocking of files by content, blocking of particular channels of file transferring.
  • Control of various channels of data transferring: communication in social networks and instant messengers, e-mail communication, uploading to cloud services, printing, writing to USB-drives.
  • Monitoring of staff productivity: working time tracking, classification of resources into productive and unproductive, relations to other employees.
  • System administration: software and hardware inventory, remote connection and control.
  • Analysis of events: flexible constructor of reports, interrelation of collected data.

Automatized alerts and scheduled reports.

Atom Security has the FSTEC license to develop data protection means and to perform activities in the field of technical protection of confidential information according to licenses No. 1989 and No. 3862.

The company is a resident of “Skolkovo” center of innovations, a resident of Technopark of Novosibirsk and an active member of leading associations of software developers:

  • Association of software developers “Domestic software”
  • Association for assisting the development of information technologies “Sibakademsoft”
  • Association of independent software developers ISDEF.


Our talks:

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