Speak at Positive Hack Days!

Giving a talk at Positive Hack Days is the chance to present your research to a like-minded audience, gain the recognition of colleagues and generate useful contacts in an informal setting.

For all questions, drop us a line at info@phdays.com.


We will discuss the direction cybersecurity should develop in a digital world and how to safeguard IT infrastructures from unauthorized interference.

Topics this year:

  • Vulnerability detection and exploitation
  • Attack prevention and resilience
  • Architectural issues with state-of-the-art computing systems
  • Incident detection and investigation
  • Threat intelligence and threat hunting
  • Cybercriminal investigations
  • Real-world experience with building out IT security processes
  • Secure development: serverless and cloud apps, microservice architectures, AI
  • Formal application security models
  • Security risk management for software developers
  • Security of BIOS/UEFI and other firmware
  • Evaluation of information risks for business
  • Identification of weak points in business processes
  • Security strategy development methods
  • Offensive and defensive security

In a special section for software developers, we will collect materials of varying degrees of complexity—of interest both to beginners and experienced information security specialists.

Apply to take part in PHDays even if your research focuses on aspects of information security that we have not mentioned above.


Select your desired format:

  • Talk (50 minutes)
  • Fast track (15 minutes)
  • Hands-on lab (up to 4 hours)

We’ve all missed face-to-face contact and we hope to see you at the forum. That said, you can also send a video recording of your talk to be broadcast at the forum or you can submit an online presentation from anywhere in the world (once the connection quality has been tested).

How to apply

Complete an application at cfp.phdays.com, specifying the following:

  • Your name and country of residence
  • Contact information (email address)
  • Brief biography
  • Talk title and summary

Include any abstracts, presentations, additional materials, illustrations, or utilities that may help us better understand and assess your work.

Please note, if your research has already been published, specify the relevant conference, journal, or website.

If you know about similar works by other researchers, please list them and detail how your approach is different.

Please let us know if you are not prepared to present the full text of your talk at the forum.

Applications are submitted in person.

You may submit as many proposals as you want.

Important dates

Applications from speakers will be accepted from December 27 to March 18. The Program Committee will respond to all applications by April 1.

Travel and accommodation


  • Economy-class return flight
  • Entrance tickets for the speaker and two others
  • Three nights’ hotel accommodation for one speaker

Hands-on lab:

  • Economy class return flight
  • Entrance tickets for the speaker and two others
  • Three nights’ hotel accommodation for one speaker
  • Expenses for software and presentation materials

Fast track:

  • Entrance ticket for the speaker

Presentation template

Download the presentation template we recommend you use for your PHDays forum presentation. You can place your company logo on the last slide.