PHDays Press Accreditation Requirements

Please review the following PHDays event requirements carefully before signing your application, indicating understanding, acceptance and agreement in writing. Be prepared to provide supporting documents verifying your identity as a qualified journalist.

By contacting us for press accreditation, you warrant that you are a full-time in-house or freelance journalist and that journalism is your primary role.


Accreditation will not be granted to content managers, editorial management, marketing or sales practitioners or executives, public relations representatives, publishers, social media professionals, fan sites, social media pages/accounts (eg Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) or communities, forums and user groups, and any expert or contributor to media outlets whose main day-to-day role is not journalism. Additionally, accreditation will not be granted to associations or association representatives, company- or corporate-sponsored websites.

Professional video and audio recording equipment, including photo and video cameras, are not allowed inside the event premises, unless special written permission is granted from event organizers.

AUDIO/VIDEO/PHOTO: Broadcast journalists, TV, film, other video, podcast and other audio personnel, crews and photographers will be admitted by invitation only. Accreditation will not be granted unless they have received a direct invitation from event organizers.

APPLICATION STATUS: Please note that we do not discuss PHDays application status with anyone other than directly with applicants themselves.

We reserve the right to refuse accreditation without explanation.


Along with your application, please provide:

  • A copy of the masthead from the most current issue of any publication(s) you represent, or a link to the publication website(s) that shows your name listed as part of the reporting team.
  • Evidence of regular, current writing related to the IT security industry. At least 3 articles or blog posts containing your personal byline and published within the last three months indicating this is your primary coverage area.
  • Online media only: A recent monthly traffic report from an external demographic tool, verifying that the online publication or blog gets 5,000 or more unique monthly visitors. The site must be previously established, independent and credible, regularly updated with original and current IT security industry news. The website content must extend beyond links, forums, personal diaries, opinion or personal analysis.
  • An email from your editor from the company’s proprietary email address may also be required if the above standards are not met to our satisfaction, or if you are a freelance journalist. The letter must make clear the assignment and intention for attendance.

Please note: A press card alone will not be accepted as for press accreditation to this event. Further, copy or content editors, publishers and non-editorial staff, executives or owners do not qualify for a press pass, and company publications and newsletters do not qualify as media.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please note that we may ask for or seek out additional documentation in order to confirm suitability for press, blog or industry analyst accreditation.

PRESS BADGES: Attendees must be able to clearly identify you as a member of the press at all times; to that end, badges must be visible and prominently displayed at all times and failing to do so will be considered to be a breach of the agreement.

We reserve the right to modify these policies without public notice and revoke previously-issued accreditation/registration at any time.

Misconduct or misrepresentation of your position, outlet or staff may prevent you and your entire organization from attending future events.

You expressly acknowledge and agree that any misconduct or misrepresentation of your position, outlet or staff that caused direct or indirect damage to us and our reputation shall be indemnified by you or your employing company, as the case may be, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, including without limitation, attorney's fees, litigation costs, and any other costs or damages arising out of or in connection with any breach of these Accreditation Requirements.