August 25, 2021
Testing the security of the virtual state: The Standoff returns on November 9–10, 2021

This fall, a major cyberbattle will erupt at Moscow's VDNKh Exhibition Center. If the black-hat hackers win the two-day clash, the entire state of F will be plunged into chaos. The bravest companies in industry, retail, and finance will test the robustness of their systems. Our task is to protect the virtual state and learn how to thwart attacks in real life. The world's largest cybertraining, featuring an expanded business and technical program, will be held in hybrid format.

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June 18, 2021
Breaking AI: writeups of AI CTF tasks at PHDays 10

We keep elaborating on the topic of AI security and risks and, for PHDays (, we put together a track with talks and organized a CTF competition for cybersecurity experts, which addresses the risks of AI. In this article, we will tell you about the competition: what tasks were there and how everything went.

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May 24, 2021
A city's electricity and oil production are knocked out, and a container falls onto a barge — PHDays 10 has concluded

The reviews of the jubilee PHDays 10 are in, and attendees are calling it dazzling and invigorating, much like the weather in mid-May. Nothing was out of place on-site: jackets, T-shirts, and even the Russian minister of digital development were spotted. This was much more just than a gathering of over 2,500 information security specialists who had grown tired of being isolated during the pandemic. More than 20,000 people in different countries logged on to watch the forum and the action at The Standoff, the world's largest cyber-range. We talked candidly about important topics, brand-new technologies and approaches, geopolitical issues, business headaches, investor hopes, and troubles encountered by private users. We demonstrated how hackers are able to cripple the modern city, and we presented a methodology to protect against such damage that is nothing short of revolutionary.

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May 21, 2021
The first day of PHDays 10: who blew up the gas distribution station, who deleted information about fines, and how to protect against unacceptable damage

May 20 saw the beginning of Positive Hack Days 10, an international forum on practical security organized by Positive Technologies and Innostage. On the first day, dozens of talks, round tables, and hands-on labs were held at the WTC Moscow. There is news about The Standoff, the largest open cyberbattle—accidents have been added to scams and leaks, and the city's infrastructure has already been badly damaged by the attackers. However, threats such as a railroad accident have not yet been implemented. There is one day left. It will all end on May 21, but for now let's summarize the interim results.

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May 20, 2021
Food stores and air ticket systems raided by hackers in Moscow—The Standoff cyber-range is in full steam

The contentions at The Standoff cyber-range are at their equator now, after two days out of four. Digital twins of real retail stores, airport, railway, seaport, traffic light system, power plant, chemical plant, and oil terminal are continually attacked by competing teams. In parallel, lectures are presented by our guests, some of whom contribute to defending the city model. The international forum Positive Hack Days begins on May 20 to end on Friday, together with The Standoff.

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May 14, 2021
thrEat reSearch Camp: large defensive track at PHDays

Initially, PHDays was centered around attacks, vulnerabilities, and hack techniques. However, we think that it is equally important to pay attention to cyberattack protection methods. Starting from 2019, a large technical defensive track called thrEat reSearch Camp has been organized at the forum along with the offensive track.

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May 13, 2021
Technical talks at PHDays: from OSINT methods to information security in video games

Only a week left before Positive Hack Days 10: The Origin. We continue to introduce you to our speakers and the most awaited technical talks from different conference tracks.

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