Publication date: April 17, 2019

2drunk2hack, Competitive Intelligence, Best Reverser: traditional PHDays contests

Just one month left until PHDays 9 starts. Arrangement of presentations is in full swing, preparations for The Standoff and other contests are underway. We have already announced some new contests like Industrial Ninja, IDS Bypass, and ESCalation Story. Of course, this year our traditional hacking contests, like Best Reverser, Competitive Intelligence, and 2drunk2hack, will be held as well.

The Best Reverser online contest for reverse engineers will take place from May 1 through May 14. Amateurs and experts of codebreaking can warm up before PHDays and demonstrate good knowledge in analysis of executable files. There will be a valuable prize and an invitation to the conference at stake. The file for analysis will be published on the contest's web page on the starting day.

The Competitive Intelligence online contest is your chance to test how quickly and precisely you can find information online. It will be held on May 18, from 9:00 a.m. until 11:59 p.m. (UTC+3) on Telegram @phdayscibot. On Telegram, we will post questions about a certain organization. The task is to find as many correct answers in the minimum amount of time. Winners will get valuable prizes and an invitation to PHDays. Contest discussion group:

At the end of day two, when all the presentations are over and the Standoff battle is won, it's time for the merriest and the most spectacular contest, 2drunk2hack. The participants should perform a successful attack against a web application defended by a WAF. The application contains a finite number of vulnerabilities, sequential exploitation of which allows executing operating system commands, among other things. Every 5 minutes, the participants whose actions have been flagged the most by the WAF will have to drink 50 ml of hard alcohol and keep hacking. Whoever is first to get the main flag during the server command stage, wins the contest.  The winner will receive mementos from the organizers. Everyone of drinking age is invited to take part.

Details of the contests will be published soon. Stay tuned and get warmed up for the contests!

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