Publication date: July 16, 2014

Hash Runner Results

Recently we published the review of Hash Runner tasks in our blog. The contest had been taking place during three days before Positive Hack Days. The participants were invited to show their understanding of cryptographic algorithms and their skills in cracking hash functions.

Within three years of the contest, we had three unique winners: hashcat in 2012, john-users in 2013, and InsidePro in 2014. Every year, most submissions were received in the last 15 minutes and thus the winner was determined in the very nick of time. In 2012 and 2013, InsidePro was beaten into the second place by hashcat and john-users, respectively. This year, InsidePro finally became the first.

Congratulations to the winners!

1. InsidePro with 22.81% (write-up) won two AMD Radeon R290X video cards.

2. hashcat with 21.23% (write-up) won an AMD Radeon R290X video card.

3. john-users with 12.78% (write-up) took the bronze.

All winners received Forum souvenirs.

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