Publication date: April 27, 2018

Pirates at PHDays: say "ahoy" to maritime mayhem

Become a modern-day buccaneer in our Pirate’s Gate contest on May 15–16 at Positive Hack Days.

More and more devices are connected to electronic controllers. And if something has a processor inside, it contains vulnerabilities. Hackers long ago figured out how to hijack drones, take over smart cars, and derail trains. So how about stealing a ship?

We invite PHDays visitors to hack our ship's navigation system and send the ship to points unknown. Participants will have before them a boom barrier and a small pool, in whose high seas our radio-controlled model boat will be sailing. The winner will be the person who most quickly hacks the boom barrier, reaches the dock, accesses the navigation system, and takes control of the vessel.

The contest will be active during the entire forum. Everyone is welcome to take part—just come up to the stand. We recommend bringing your own laptop and SDR (HackRF and bladeRF).

Register and buy tickets for PHDays while you still can! A two-day ticket costs RUB 14,400; a one-day ticket costs RUB 9,600.

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