Publication date: February 19, 2021

Positive Hack Days opens Call for Papers: become a speaker!

Sign up and submit your proposal at by March 28. Make the cut to speak at Positive Hack Days, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year!

The central theme of PHDays 10 is The Origin. Join us in envisioning the future of information security. Doing so means starting with the practical questions and issues of today.

Topics this year will include:

  • Vulnerability detection and exploitation
  • Attack prevention and resilience
  • Architectural issues with modern computing systems
  • Incident detection and investigation
  • Threat intelligence and threat hunting
  • Cybercriminal investigations Real-world experience with building out IT security processes
  • Secure development: serverless and cloud apps, microservice architectures, AI
  • Formal application security models
  • Security risk management for software developers
  • Security of BIOS/UEFI and other firmware
  • Evaluation of information risks for business
  • Identification of pain points in business processes
  • Methods for developing a security strategy

If your research focuses on other aspects of information security that you think will be of interest to the audience, we encourage you to apply.

How to present

You can share your findings in any of the following formats:

  • Talk (50 minutes)
  • Fast Track (15 minutes)
  • Hands-on Lab (up to 4 hours)

Options include:

  • Send a video of your talk. After evaluation, the review board will include the video in the forum stream.
  • Speak live from anywhere. We will help to test your connection quality ahead of time.
  • Give your talk at the forum venue in front of a small audience. Due to pandemic-related restrictions, the number of offline visitors will be smaller than in past years.

PHDays talks will be broadcast on The Standoff, the same platform we used for the conference and cyberbattle in 2020.  The Standoff, as a brand, will be a full-fledged partner of the forum.

How to apply

If you're interested in speaking, apply at

  • Name and country of residence of the speaker (speakers)
  • Contact information (email address)
  • Title and brief summary of the talk
  • Biography

We encourage sending any abstract, presentation, additional materials, illustrations, or utilities that may help us to evaluate your work.

If your research has already been published, specify the relevant conference, journal, or website.

If you know about similar works by other researchers, list them and indicate how your approach is different.

Please inform us if you can only share some slides but cannot provide the full research paper.

You may submit as many proposals as you want.

Each proposal will be considered by an international review board of independent researchers and leading IT experts.

We look forward to seeing you at Positive Hack Days!

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