Decoding the Digital Bet

Big changes are coming. Governments have bet big on data and the web. Telemedicine, online government services, remote management of transportation and industrial infrastructure, smart devices, and cryptocurrencies are all here and now. And soon these new technologies will improve the lives of people in a multitude of ways. But while the world is caught up in the excitement of this digital transformation, hackers are in the driver's seat: they get to decide who will gain from this process and who will lose out…

What awaits us if data really does become the most valuable asset? Is there any way to stay safe in a world where life is technology-centric and the line between the real and the virtual is blurred? Can we expect electronic bliss or should we prepare for digital apocalypse?

At PHDays we will demonstrate the information security issues that governments, businesses, and individuals will confront as the result of the digital bet. At the top of the agenda are:

  • The role of government and regulators in the e-economy
  • The digital wave in finance
  • Security of critical digital infrastructure
  • Security risk management, including physical security

Talks and roundtables

PHDays hosts talks by security professionals, closed and public roundtables with opinion leaders, and hands-on labs with prominent experts.

Hacking challenges

The venue will be filled with contests: hack an ATM, smart home, surveillance cameras, IoT devices, smart cars, and much more. At the center of the forum is The Standoff, a 30-hour cyberbattle between teams of attackers, defenders, and security operations centers (SOCs).


Fun and games

Who says hackers don't know how to have fun? PHDays will have an art exhibition, contests with arcade games, and souvenirs available for purchase.